Personalized private events

Do you dare to sit blindfolded in a comfortable chair, sensuously exploring the food under your fingers and letting the sound of a storm dance through your ears, while the sound of rain leads you to believe you are actually sitting under the open sky?

Or would you like to recreate a special moment of your life?
Perhaps a special day that took place 20 years ago, when you asked your spouse to marry you? Do you think that your significant other would enjoy a surprise party for her/his birthday or would you just like an excuse to blindfold them for the first time?

Why not consider a mystery masked Yacht party while a silky breeze runs through your hair?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to escape from your daily routine and instead of booking a dinner in a nearby restaurant, have an evocative evening with your friends in a secluded villa, mansion or castle?

We are a dynamic team of creative enthusiasts with unlimited energy and ideas.
We pay attention to every detail, consider all your wishes no matter how far-fetched, and aim to indulge your every whim. We tailor your personal events to your taste with a professional touch and unbounded creativity.

Business events

Product Launches

An effective product launch event educates, informs and creates excitement. Your sales staff will return to their offices ready and enthusiastic to sell the new product. The potential clients, on the other hand, will learn about the product in an unconventional and interesting way and will be intrigued and excited to buy and start using it.

We know how to animate and provoke the guests and spark interest.

Organizational Get togethers

Whether it is a regular company meeting, yoga class or holiday party, our skills and expertise will help evoke your senses and bring each individual in touch with their core.

You will enjoy humour, storytelling and playfulness, tailored specifically to your group.



Grand Openings

You are about to open a business, launch a new product or move to a new location. You would like to attract new clients or surprise existing ones. Your aim is to create awareness, raise buzz, offer a memorable experience, and build good relationships. But you need fresh ideas, something different and out of the ordinary. Let us help you make your event a success, which will be talked about long after the guests leave. We will be there to ensure a smoothly executed unique experience. Surprise people, touch their hearts and make them wonder. Contact us.

Team buildings

Using different techniques we stimulate your senses to reinforce the core values necessary for professional success: courage, creativity, respect, solidarity, audacity and performance. In a safe and relaxed atmosphere we will stimulate your five senses as well as your sense of heat (thermoception), your kinesthetic sense (body awareness or proprioception) and your sense of balance (equilibrioception).

You will explore team dynamics, emotional intelligence and enhance team chemistry in an entertaining setting.