Successful Events We Created

Maserati launch party, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The entire event was a mystery, where Ghibli, a player in the E-segment sports premium market - the wind of change - was the only constant. Red ribbons, subtle lighting, champagne and Chopin. The thundering of the engine combined with a poetic dance and a solo vocalist. It was an evening like no other.

Lavender festival, Ivanji grad, Karst region, Slovenia

Under the hot sun of the Karst region in Slovenia various chapters of a single story took place. Poetry was paired with the strumming of guitars, walking barefoot, blindfolded, listening to birdsong, tasting lavender dishes and allowing ourselves to become one with nature.

Fujifilm, Product launch/Press conference, Bled, Slovenia

The guests experienced various platforms, where their mind was constantly occupied with new challenges; the castle's history of Samurais, witches, dwarfs and knights melted together allowing the guests to forget the present and step into the past and the future in the same evening.

Various Private Events (birthdays, bachelors parties, exclusive secretive soirees)

Individually tailored to please, evoke, tease, enrich and move boundaries of one's perception. Evenings full of magic.

As G. B. Shaw said: "There is no sincerer love than the love of food."

  • The common feature of our evenings is a voyage of interesting culinary combinations, which you will be able to enjoy blindfolded, topped with Bacchus' delights under the hands of superior chefs.
  • Our events are created to stimulate the senses, perfectly tailored to evoke primordial memories in each and every individual.
  • We take you to your basics with surprise elements integral to the 'Who is Amanda?' - Sensory Theatre experience.
  • Each event is a one-time event. So you can be sure you are always participating at a special and exclusive experience.
  • We come with a sophisticated and dedicated mentality to bring the best of the best to our events.