Who is Amanda ?

'Who is Amanda?' - Sensory Theatre is a creative and entertaining multi-layered experience, which arouses all of your five senses through a series of gastronomic, musical, theatrical and sensual delights. It is a feast for your senses and an adventure for your soul.

You will be thrilled, amused, surprised, amazed, fascinated and intrigued. Our sensory awakening events will have you embarking on a journey of discovery and excitement, and perhaps even expand your comfort zone.


If you consider yourself an epicurean, a foodie, a gourmet, an hedonist, a dreamer, a bohemian, a zen seeker or simply a curious person - we just might have something for you.


Above all...


Who is Amanda?


It is the brainchild of Amanda Gril. A fashion designer by profession and a passionate explorer of everything that makes your soul sing. She decided to explore alternative gastronomic and musical events and merge them into an expression of her own wicked mind – the 'Who is Amanda?' - Sensory Theatre. Based in Ibiza, Spain, the WIA Sensory Theatre was established in 2007.

Why & how ?

We live in a hectic world. Rarely do we stop and enjoy authentic moments of life in their pure beauty.

This is the reason why 'Who is Amanda?' - Sensory theatre was created.

We aspire to entertain and help our guests reconnect with themselves and their roots.

WIA challenges you to rediscover your unexplored mind and contemplate for a while.

Through a special technique called transmedia storytelling, we open the doors to all of our senses. But it's only when we "shut down" our most used sense – the sense of sight - the real journey begins. With a combination of blindfolded moments, stimulating flavours, poetry, music, theatre, erotica and culinary delights we will take you on an unforgettable sensory journey.

Our events will take you to secret places, meet mystery guests, and try delicious food. Each step of this journey will confront you with an experience that will awaken your senses and enrich your soul. 'Who is Amanda?' Sensory Theatre is the place where imagination meets reality. Dare you join us?

Each event is unique, which means that you will always experience a different, exclusive journey with us.

Would you like to experience something new?

We organise sensory theatre based private parties, wedding parties, product launch events, client meetings, team building events or grand opening parties.


The venues themselves are just as unique. We organise events in a variety of places such as in a haunted castle or a modern villa, in a wine cellar or a theatre, in a lavender field or within an almond grove, or even in the comfort of your own home.


… the first thing after we sat in the car and drove away from this beautiful castle were a few minutes of pure silence… which happens rarely amongst us. The very first thought, which came to me, was: Every single person should experience this before he or she dies. Such events are truly real experiences – they demand all of your sensory attention. My bow to you and to everyone who took care of us in such an exquisite manner! ~ Primoz



Impressive! Such an wonderful experience, an evening full of magic! My senses experienced an unforgettable, glamorous theatre, as well as exquisite foods, delicious wines and enchanting music – I want to experience everything again, very soon! Congratulations to the whole team, I would recommend it to all the people with all the joy and enthusiasm I possess to visit your Sensory Theatre. Thank you so much! ~ Ursa



I have a rational mind, I'm not easily surprised but I do confess that I wasn't expecting this. One sentence: Thank you. Love, Ana